“To-do list for life” Template

A lot of people have asked me to provide a template version of the “To-do list for life”.  I hesitated slightly because I think it’s important that each person choose their own categories and even their own layout.  However, since some people may find it useful, please find the attached template.  To-do List Format

I would stress that you should consider what categories are important to you and revise this template accordingly.  You may also want to consider hand-writing your own template.  Something about hand-writing rather than typing helps some people get through their lists with more ease.

Also – and this I do highly recommend – try not to get stagnant with the order of your categories.  I switch them around every two weeks or so, just to make sure that I am not unconsciously creating a hierarchy of importance by giving more attention to the first couple of columns.  This is particularly important if you find that you’re not getting to items listed in the far right columns.

Finally, I want to re-emphasize that this should be kept separate from your “Work” list.  You may want to split up your “Work” to-do list in a similar way using separate categories, but I recommend not letting work items slip onto your “To-Do List for Life”.

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