Partneships & Professional Services

As organisations, Partnerships present unique challenges to leadership and culture. Shepherding change, defining vision and strategy and creating a coherent and cohesive culture are demanding tasks for any organisation, and the structure of Partnerships adds significant levels of complexity.

As a former Private Practice and In-House lawyer with years of experience as a coach in professional services firms, I understand those challenges in my bones. I have a proven track record helping partners and senior leaders develop the tools, skills and awareness to enhance their performance and increase enjoyment and satisfaction in their careers.

Get in touch with me to discuss the benefits that executive coaching can bring to you and your firm.

Unpacking ‘Innovation’ – Moving from idea to action

One of the things I love most about coaching is watching how quickly people can move from an attitude of “I have this idea, but…” to actually implementing their ideas and projects. As lawyers, we have a natural inclination to overthink things. Add to that our highly developed sense of risk aversion and our ability…

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