Next Generation Leaders

Managing, developing and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders is vital for the success of your organisation. It’s no longer possible to simply treat our employees and associates the way that we were treated and expect them to stay engaged and enthused. Or to stay at all.

Attracting and retaining talent today requires a significantly different leadership and management approach. To prepare younger talent to become future leaders, today’s leaders need to hone and develop their own leadership skills.

I work with individuals and teams to smooth the path towards leadership. Enhancing communication skills, reframing concepts of what it means to lead, developing a sense of accountability and engagement are among the areas where coaching can accelerate and facilitate the leadership journey.

Get in touch with me to discuss the benefits that coaching can bring to your current and future leaders.

Today’s To-do: Make a better “to-do” list.

I’m rather a fan of to-do lists.  I find that the act of getting all the things that I have to get accomplished out of my head and onto a piece of paper helps me focus and relax, since I’m less worried about dropping one of the many balls that I’m constantly trying to juggle.…

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