Leadership is not getting any easier. From CEOs to Senior Partners, across the C-Suite and throughout Partnerships, the challenges of leading organisations and managing the people in them can feel daunting. The higher you climb, the lonelier it becomes. It is invaluable to have an objective sounding board on your side, a thinking partner, a safe place and, frankly, the structured time to work through the complexities of your role and your career.

Invest a bit of your valuable time in yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much clarity you can achieve and how quickly you can crystallise your thinking so that you can accomplish your goals both for you and for your organisation.

Let me know what you’re trying to achieve and let’s talk about how you can get there.

Unpacking ‘Innovation’ – Moving from idea to action

One of the things I love most about coaching is watching how quickly people can move from an attitude of “I have this idea, but…” to actually implementing their ideas and projects. As lawyers, we have a natural inclination to overthink things. Add to that our highly developed sense of risk aversion and our ability…

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