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About me

My clients include executives and executive teams from a wide range of industries, senior in-house lawyers and their teams in technology, media, software, insurance, banking, shipping and internet businesses, as well as Equity, Managing and Senior Partners and next generation leaders of global Professional Services firms.

I have a passion for helping people achieve their best, working with them to spark new ideas, to refresh and enhance their drive and motivation and to help executives and their teams perform sustainably at the top of their game.

My international experience in fast moving, ever-changing technology and media companies gives me a deep insight into the challenges faced by executives in today’s environment. I served as VP and European General Counsel for Expedia, based in both London and Paris, as well as UK General Counsel for AOL and The Huffington Post UK.

Prior to my international corporate career, I worked in a variety of roles from marketing information at Bombardier Inc. to teaching French, English and History in France and Taiwan, to being a gigging musician in France.

I am a Faculty Member at Meyler Campbell, training and supervising other coaches, and a Consulting Partner with The Alexander Partnership.

If you are considering coaching for yourself or for a team or individual in your organisation, give me a call or drop me an email so that we can discuss what you would like to achieve and how we can get you there enjoyably and effectively.

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