23 Jan


Change requires action. Happily, small actions can engender significant and lasting change. Coaching is a powerful and proven method for helping you to identify the changes you want and determining the best way to make them happen.

Identify, prioritise and achieve your goals through personal and executive coaching. Learn more

Help yourself think differently through individual coaching and group activities, and benefit from an experienced sounding board for all aspects of in-house team management. Learn more

Get a fresh perspective with insights from a former European General Counsel. Learn more

Lawyers are very busy people. More than any other professional, we focus so much on our clients’ needs that we overlook the enormous impact on our professional and personal well-being that can come from a little attention to our own personal development. I am an experienced private practice and in-house lawyer who delivers effective, efficient and practical coaching. Knowing the challenges and the environment you operate in, I can help you get perspective, get balance and get better.

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